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Data Recovery Services Chennai

Samsung Data Recovery

We have a full-service data recovery lab in Chennai,in India. We also have a lab in other citys. None of these locations are virtual offices or drop off locations, we have dedicated full-time data recovery engineers and fully equipped state of the art labs equipped to help our customers locally in a fast and professional way.

We are proud to claim to be the best in the world at what we do and we can back it up. We are confident of this as we often recover data from failed drives that been to many other companies worldwide (including some of the best well know companies around the India.). Our customers from all around the world who send us their device for data recovery, having used many other companies worldwide prior to using our services tell us all the time that our service is better, our results are better, we kept them better informed and did the job faster than any other company they have used before + we made the whole experience of doing business with us is far more transparent/clean up front. This has been developed over time through a process of constant and never ending improvement since 1998, every day until today. We are still looking for better ways to do things for our customers.

am Infotech guarantees up to 100% of your valuable data by deploying highly skilled recovery professionals, specialized expertise & cutting edge technology, when you need it most.

We support a wide range of Media’s such as Desktop hard Disks (5.25”), Laptop Hard Disks (3.5”, 2.5” & 1.8”), USB Devices & Removable Drives, Zip Diskettes, CD, DVD, Floppies, Memory sticks & other digital media devices with unmatched success rate available in the country.

We have a solution for you no matter how a crash occur viz. Virus attack, human error, software malfunction, hardware error, accidental deletion or drive format, natural disasters like floods, fire, power surge or even sabotage.

    Physical HD Failure Symptoms

  • Clicking Hard Drive
  • Grinding Hard Drive
  • Noisy Hard Drive
  • Click of Death
  • Loud Hard Drive
  • Power Surge
  • Water Damage (Flooding)
  • Fire Damage
  • Burnt Circuit Board
  • Controller Failure
  • Not Recognized by Bios
  • Read/write Failure
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Delayed Write Failure
  • Head Crash
  • Tally Data Recovery
  • CTB Locker Virus Recovery
  • Android Phone Recovery
  • Windows Phone Recovery
  • iPhone Recovery
  • Blackberry Phone Recovery
  • iPad Recovery
  • Disk Sanitization Services
  • Hard Disk Recovery
  • Laptop/Desktop Recovery
  • Encrypted Data Recovery
  • Removable Media Recovery
  • Mac Data Recovery
  • CCTV/DVR Videos Recovery

    Logical HD Failure Symptoms

  • Formatted Hard Drive
  • Deleted Files
  • Virus Attack
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Operating System not Found
  • Disk Boot Failure
  • Corrupted Files
  • Reformatted Hard Drive
  • Repartitioned Hard Drive
  • Bad Sectors
  • Master Hard Disk Failure
  • Partition Corruption
  • Software Corruption
  • File System Corruption
  • aptop body Plastics repair.
  • E-Mail Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • SSD Recovery